Luotsi Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy

Property maintenance and rental homes. Furnished apartments.

Jour:  050 389 1839

Office:  06-3165200

Our apartments for rent

Address Type m2 Rent

One-room + kitchen apartments

Klemetinkatu 15 B 16/4 poikasolu/Only boys, Vaasa
Apartment house21,5296,76€
Klemetinkatu 15 C 25/3 tyttösolu, Vaasa
Apartment house21,5296,96€
Kuovinkuja 1-3 as 4, Vaasa
Terraced house29,0349,00€
Brennerinpolku 4 C 41, Vaasa
Apartment house32,5440,00€
Kappelimäentie 5 D 29, Vaasa
Apartment house37,5440,55€

Two-room + kitchen apartments

Pajutie 4 A 3, Vaasa
Apartment house38,0362,95€
Kristiinankaupunginkatu 9 B 18, Vaasa
Apartment house52,0490,00€
Kappelinmäentie 5 C 27, Vaasa
Apartment is occupied
Apartment house62,0558,38€

Three-room + kitchen apartments

Kuninkaankartanontie 49 B 7, Vaasa
Terraced house73,0747,55€
Kuninkaankartanontie 49 A 4, Vaasa
Available from 1.11.2018
Terraced house74,0747,55€
Pitkäkatu 75 A 9, Vaasa
Apartment house71,5836,00€
Pitkäkatu 79 A 4, Vaasa
Apartment house71,5839,79€

Luotsi Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy

Welcome to our site! Here you can find information about available housing in Vaasa-area.
Our company offers building management, electrical, accounting, cleaning
and property maintenance services, and we also rent apartments. We can
also supply fully furnished apartments.
Our property maintenance covers ca.100 real estate units, and we have
apprx. 1200 apartments for rent. Our rental properties are located in
the City center, Vöyrinkaupunki, Palosaari, Ristinummi and Vanha Vaasa
Ristinummen Huolto Oy started operations in 1975. From November 2013
onward we have been known as Luotsi Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy.

Contact information

Kappelinmäentie 7
65370 VAASA
tel: 06-3165200 /
fax: 06-3165201
phone during weekdays
office open
mon-tu-thu 12-16
wed 12-16.30
fri  12-15
tel.050 389 1839
Luotsi Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy
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